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Laszlo Hunyadi

Dr. Thompson and his staff were amazing. Nancy did an amazing job handling and scheduling the visit. Nurse Mariella was efficient, kind, and thorough in her initial assessment. Dr. Thompson exemplified what healthcare can be like if simple attention to a patient is given. His meticulous attention to detail and sound history taking provided me with the comfort that he is treating me as an individual and not just a patient number. Above all, his knowledge in the area of immunology was very impressive. If only more physicians could emulate his practice. Thank you!

Shar Govindan

Exceptional experience -- Dr. Thompson and his staff are dedicated to this profession. They take the time to understand your profile, do appropriate tests and offer insightful recommendations. Their office is very clean and with brand new equipment. I have not had a similar (amazing) experience in years -- it is rare to see a medical professional like Dr. Thompson who genuinely listens and does a thorough diagnosis. Highly recommended. They have convenient working hours and I have scheduled a follow up visit already.

Hilario Almanza Jr

The staff was very professional, great customer service. Dr. Thompson was great! I highly recommend this office

Nissa Flores

Dr. Thompson and his staff are a group of amazing professionals. They were all very kind and personable. Dr. Thompson took the time to really get to know me and asked great questions to get to the bottom of things. His attention to detail was remarkable and his front staff immediately made me feel like family. I highly recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone suffering with allergies or asthma.

Jerry Austin

I went to Dr. Thompson with some respiratory difficulty. He took very good care of me with respiratory therapy and medication. What impressed me was his constant attention to me and my issue. He called often to see how I was doing. His concern and attention to detail was obvious. I would heartily recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone. Great doc.

Jonathan Boldt

Helped our daughter with eczema tremendously. Very family friendly environment.

Doug Thompson

Dr Thompson is the epitome of excellence in healthcare. He is thorough, compassionate, and provides excellent service. I am also a physician and long time allergy sufferer. Prior to using Dr Thompson as my allergy provider, I had been getting injections twice a month for over 15 years. Dr Thompson convinced me to try the sublingual extract, and it has allowed me to now eliminate the injections and be symptom free.
I highly recommend Dr James Thompson.

Ford Braly

Dr. Thompson and his staff were very kind and professional. Dr. Thompson spent quality time understanding the issues my allergies were causing and created a plan of attack that was personalized towards me, rather than just writing a "one size fits all" prescription. Initially, I figured "it is only allergies" but when they became too much to bear, I went straight to Dr. Thompson. Although it has only been a few days since my visit, I am excited about the prospect of moving on from debilitating allergies and the plan he created for me. If you have allergy issues that interrupt your day to day life I would highly recommend visiting with Dr. Thompson and his team to receive one on one time with a doctor and personalized treatment!

daniel b

I have never had a better doctor visit!! The staff were professional and very kind! Dr. Thompson asked many questions to pin point my exact problem, testing complete and personalized plan. I highly recommend everyone with allergy and asthma issues to visit here!

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